Meet Your Kid's Favorite Stuffed Animal Ever

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when looking for the perfect stuffed animal for your kiddo. There are basically millions to choose from, and there are so many different kinds, it’s hard to narrow down quality, softness, washability, and that unknown snuggle factor without sifting through hundreds of customer reviews. Sure, if you’re crafty, you can make stuffed animals for your kids, but if looking at a sewing machine makes you nauseous, don’t throw in the towel and buy whatever is the least-terrifying-looking critter at the toy store.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the cuddliest, softest, squishiest stuffed animals that are guaranteed to be your tot’s newest best friend. Bonus, they’re all Amazon Prime-able, so if your toddler leaves his precious bestie on the subway or at the aquarium, you can get a replacement in no time. (Phew!) Take a look through these adorable creatures, from a three-toed sloth to a lovable llama, and find your kid’s perfect pal.


This adorable llama is soft, sweet, and one of the few stuffed animals that isn’t a bunny, bear, or elephant. (Seriously, why are there no ardvaark or armadillo stuffed animals?) This llama is realistic looking adn bean filled for that snuggly weight. Who doesn’t love a llama?

Llama, $10.33 at Amazon


This cutie is guaranteed to be your little one’s new best friend, and those perky ears are perfect for whispering late night secrets into. 

Fox, $25 at Amazon

Cuddle and Kind Lamb

Sebastian the lamb is fair trade, made in peru, made from 100% cotton, filled with hypoallergenic polyfill and it gives back- for every ethically produced, hand-knit doll sold, 10 meals are provided to children in need. What more could you ask for?

Sebastian the sheep, $52 at Amazon


If your kiddo is more attached to characters than just random animals, Eeyore (everyone’s favorite humbug from Winnie the Pooh) is always woeful, and this frowny face is looking for some kisses. 

Eeyore, $15.99 at Amazon


This little deer with long, dangly legs has a soft spotted coat, embroidered facial detailing for total softness (no hard plastic eyes smacking you in the face) and makes the perfect huggable friend. 

Fawn, $9.83 at Amazon


Eight legs means more hugs, and this fluffy octopus is ready to wrap himself around your little one. Filled with cotton filling and comes in blue, purple, pink, white, and brown. 

Octopus, $19.99 at Amazon


Three toed sloths are Kristen Bell’s favorite animal (we’ve all seen the video of her sobbing with joy when Dax gave her a visit from a sloth for her birthday) and for good reason- they are so. Dang. Cute. Those fuzzy bodies, pointy noses, little smiles and slow moving gait makes them the best, and this stuffed animal is no exception. 

Sloth, $14.88 at Amazon


This tiny dino is more than just a stuffed animal, it’s a hot pack, cold pack, and sleep soother in one. Fully microwavable, this dino is filled with specially treated flax grains and dried lavender so when it’s warmed it emits relaxing scents that help your kiddo drift off to sleep with a warm friend in their arms. 

Dino, $19.96 at Amazon


With it’s big floppy ears, tiny trunk and incredibly squishy body, this elephant is, well, just plain adorable. It’s machine washable (huzzah!) so it’s ready for any adventure your little one drags it on. 

Elephant, $10.70 at Amazon


Is there anything cuter than a bashful turtle? This turtle’s little grin is to die for, and it’s soft shell is weighted perfectly for little hands. The nice tactile texture of the wide wale corduroy is great for babies and little kids alike.

Turtle, $25 at Amazon

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