Donna Kelce Made the Most Adorable Fashion Choice to Support Her Dueling Sons at the Super Bowl

While everyone is super excited for the 2023 Super Bowl, no one is more excited than Donna Kelce — and her Super Bowl ensemble proves it.

On Feb 12, through her personal Twitter account @dkelce1, she uploaded an adorably proud-mama moment with the simple caption, “#gamedayfit.”

In the mirror selfie, we see Kelce looking as happy as can be while sporting both Chiefs’ and Eagles’ colors. In her colorful ensemble, she’s rocking a jacket with red and gold colors on one side and black and green colors on the other, along with black jeans, a clear, customized bag, and shoes with the same mismatched colors on each.

Not only does she look like the proudest mama in the world, but she’s seriously rocking those clashing colors effortlessly.

Now, in case you don’t know, her sons, The Kelce brothers, are on opposing teams this Super Bowl. Jason Kelce is playing as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Travis Kelce is playing as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. And in a recent interview with SheKnows, Donna talked about how she’s instilled a sense of confidence in her sons when they go out and work to get what they want.

“They’re pros,” she said. “Winning is the only thing. Getting those dubs. Losing is non-negotiable; it’s not going to happen. They have to truly believe every single time they go out there, they’re gonna win. Because if you don’t believe it, it’s not gonna happen.”

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