Amanda Seyfried's Daughter Has Her Heart Set on a Profession & Her Mom Is So Here For It

When Amanda Seyfried’s 5-year-old daughter Nina isn’t helping on the family’s farm, she’s dreaming of a different profession. One that her dad, Thomas Sadoski, is apparently “terrified” of, but the Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again star is embracing.

“Totally,” Seyfried told PEOPLE on Monday about supporting her daughter going into acting. Her The Newsroom star husband, though, wasn’t as thrilled.

“My husband’s like, ‘I’m terrified,’” she continued. “And I was like, ‘Let her do what she’s going to do. She’s a f—ing child of actors. What do you expect?’”

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Seyfried won her first Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series at the 2022 Emmy Awards for her portrayal of Elizabeth Holmes in The Dropout. She told PEOPLE that she’s planning on putting the trophy in Nina’s room.

She thanked her family during her acceptance speech, even telling her daughter, “You gotta go to bed now.” This, apparently, made her daughter cry at home.

“So my daughter actually cried because she was confused about how I spoke to her through the TV,” Seyfried told reporters after the ceremony, per The Hollywood Reporter. “So I called her. She was supposed to be in bed. She’s going to school tomorrow. I didn’t expect that to be the reaction, but I think in ten years she’ll appreciate it.”

The Mean Girls star added that her son Thomas, who turns 2 this month, didn’t really know what was going on.

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“I don’t know about my son. He’s too young to know about anything, really,” she told reporters. “But I really wanted to do that for them and my husband was like, ‘You gotta just talk to them when you get up there, if you get up there, you gotta talk to them because those are the people that matter and this is what you’re doing it all for now.’ It’s interesting. I gotta have a conversation with her when I get home.”

Normally, Seyfried and her family keep it low-key at home, as they live on a farm. She often posts adorable pictures of her kids helping out, and it seems like they are super involved. Whether Nina grows up wanting to be a star or keep a laidback farm life, one thing’s for sure: Seyfried is the most supportive mama!

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