Why is that smell asparagus urine?

The Gas wants to get out, but the education prohibits flatulence in Public. This Problem already knew one of the founding fathers of USA, Benjamin Franklin. In a letter he addressed in 1781 at the Royal Academy of Brussels, to invent a means of, taken with food, the Intestinal wind a acceptable fragrance.

How hard could be, wrote to Franklin, and underlined his claim with a positive example: “A couple of sticks of asparagus give our urine a disagreeable odour,” he explained. This could, however, be a small pill of turpentine no bigger than a pea, light in the violet scent transform. If water perfume make lasse, then why not air?

In the more than 200 years that have elapsed since then, decrypted, researchers in the human genome, they developed antibiotics and transplanted hearts. A remedy against flatulence smell they found. Also the asparagus urine are at the mercy of the people, because turpentine is toxic, and thus as the antidote unsuitable.

Franklin’s letter made it among researchers, nevertheless, to a small celebrity. His casual remark is one of the first documents that deal with the stench of the Spargelurins, although the people ate the stem of his time for more than 2000 years.

After two hours, the smell of climax

We digest asparagus, the at most after 15 minutes on the toilet noticeable. It stinks. About two hours after the feasting the smell reaches its peak. Only then can the opportunities to be able to pee again without toilets-the successor to meet the choice of lunch on the rise.

To blame for the Gemüffel sulfur-containing Compounds, which are so tiny that you can ascend out of the urine in the air. The asparagus itself the substances. Otherwise you would already, by Peeling or cooking your Bouquet of rotten cabbage – so it describes the science unfold and the pleasure of ruin.

To find out what asparagus urine gives its special flavor, the researchers investigated first by the liquid itself. Misleading this was not: It was a misconception to think that the ingredients of urine complained about the substances in the air reflected, a British research group in 1986. The composition of the urine could at the most reveal how these taste, but not like this smell.

With the aim to make it better, the biochemist self to the table, on their plates 500 grams of asparagus. Then they investigated which materials ausdünstete your urine so strong that it rises up to their heads. You were able to find: The air over the asparagus and the urine contained a thousand-fold increase in concentrations of Compounds such as Methanethiol, dimethyl sulfide, or dimethyl disulfide.

Also the building material for the smelly substances researchers have found in the meantime. Blame the asparagus acid, which defends the Plant parasites, and hungry earthlings is likely to be. Especially for sensitive, young shoots contain the acid in high concentrations. Who likes to eat the tender Stänglein, may therefore also expect a special smell experience.

Two categories of asparagus eaters: The Stinker, and not Tinker

In addition to the ingredients, the asparagus, the urine, the researchers have been involved in the past 50 years, with the lucky people who noticed the stench of nothing. In 1956, two scientists from Oxford reported in the prestigious journal “Nature” for the first time that the asparagus eater in two categories:

  • The separator, which after a couple of sticks of asparagus on the toilet under the pungent smell of suffering.
  • And Not a shedder, even after 500 grams of asparagus enjoyment of your bladder to empty without a special smell.

To find out what it is, started US researchers in 2011, a sniffer study with 38 men and women, even after an asparagus Breakfast, and once after a bread-Breakfast urine samples charges. Then all the test were participants in the urine of all experimental samples to sniff participants. The question: Was eaten before the emergence of the asparagus or bread?


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Although all the participants knew from the start what they expected, developed seven in the course of the study, such an aversion to the smell of urine that they had to cancel the attempt. The result of the remaining candidates was clear:

  • Most of the participants were detected in all samples up to three of the asparagus urine. The three outliers rails to excrete any special smell.
  • As regards the Smell, were all but two to be able to distinguish the asparagus urine from non-asparagus urine. In addition, six people were at the task significantly worse than the Rest.

It votes so both theories. Some will not be able to smell the stench, the other divorced from him. After all, no one needs to worry. Although the substances stink, and are no diseases known to be associated with them. At the end of the 18th century. Century, the people of the reasons for the healthy effects of the asparagus even with the smelly urine. The asparagus sink bad juices from the liver and kidneys from the body, so the theory goes. You could smell finally.

Conclusion: Already 15 minutes after the asparagus meal smells in the majority of the urine. Blame it on the sulfur-containing Compounds, which ascend to the head. But there are also lucky not to perceive the stench or not. You can enjoy the gluttony all the more.