Too many teeth pulled? Suspended sentence for dentist required

A Hamburg dentist pulls diligent teeth – even on a Christmas day. Because he moved supposedly more and cut as agreed, and calls the Prosecutor a sentence. The defender lays the blame more at the mostly female patients and their vanity.

In the process against a dentist before the Hamburg district court the public Prosecutor demanded one year and eight months in prison on probation. The 54-Year-old was made in four cases, the intentional infliction of bodily harm is guilty, said the prosecutors on Tuesday.

The doctor goes to the four patients, where the physician rubbed off part of all of the teeth or pulled, respectively, 9,000 euros for Pain and suffering pay. He is not, or only insufficiently have explained to you before the treatment about the intervention. So he needs his special position of trust as a doctor, miss. The patients have suffered serious consequences and significant pain. The treatments were carried out between March 2009 and November 2010.

The dentist pulls a woman ten vital teeth – the expires in Depression

The Prosecutor referred to the failed treatment of a 58-Year-old as a particularly stark case. The woman was a Holy night in 2009 because of pain in your überkronten cutting teeth in the Hamburg practice of the defendant. The dentist told her her teeth were "Schrott", he could make her beautiful. On the following day he operated on you – at a cost of 18,000 euros in cash. He had pulled her after the statement of the expert, on the ten vital teeth. The defendant was about to sell implants. The patient had after the Operation "as a Monster" felt. She fell into depression and could not work for a prolonged period of time.

The defender stressed, however, in his plea, that it was for the patient to be a successful business woman. It is not so credible, that without the consent of all of the teeth have. On the contrary, after the first Operation on the first day of Christmas, it was according to the dentist-assistant indignant that not all the teeth have been removed. This is only done in the case of a second OP, at your Express request, in June 2010. "The patient had clear ideas and has durchgesetzt&quot in a relatively brute way to the doctor;, the defender said. It was an insinuation that it was the defendant’s money.

The defender looks in three of four cases, no criminal conduct of his client

With a view to a more patient, grind all of the teeth and crowns, the lawyer, a Parallel to plastic surgery: "There are many things that are not medically necessary, what is not ist&quot but forbidden;. The two patients had a "Hollywood Smile" want to have. In three of the four defendants ‘ cases, no criminal saw the defender behaviour of his client. For the fourth case, he was not able to comment due to time constraints. He’s supposed to be a plea on the 27. March complete. Then the judge will announce their verdict.