Thonon diet: 10 pounds in 14 days-slimming – does it work?

With the Bikini Body: The Thonon diet marketed with the promise to lose in just two weeks up to 10 kilograms. That will be no picnic, is out of the question. It will be radical.

An RTL reporter has dared to even try and work through the diet tormented. The result: 5 pounds lighter.

At the end of the article she recommends to her viewers: “…, but it was worth it and I can really recommend to anyone, especially if you just want to fit almost in the Bikini. It is hard, but it’s worth it. Through with it!“

And that, unfortunately, is fatal. We explain to you why the Thonon diet is one of the most dangerous diets, and you’d better leave it alone.

What is the Thonon diet?

The Thonon diet supposedly comes from the idyllic French Spa town Thonon-les-Bains. Who now thinks of delicious cheese, Croissant and Café au lait – far from it.

The diet is very similar to the ketogenic diet, and allows a particularly protein-rich diet. For example, you can use meat, fish, legumes such as chickpeas, Tofu, low-fat quark, cottage cheese and healthy fats such as Avocado, linseed oil and walnuts. Carbohydrates are forbidden in any Form.

But this is not Challenge enough: are Allowed three meals a day, wherein the daily calorie intake of 600 to 800 calories is not exceeded may be.

And that is precisely the sticking point: 600 calories a day with very little. Your Porridge for Breakfast with nuts, Flaxseed and fresh berries is already at 400 to 500 calories.

A sample day of the Thonon diet

The day starts only with a black coffee – without milk and sugar. Herbal tea or green tea are also allowed, but unsweetened.

For lunch you can treat yourself two soft boiled eggs with blanched spinach. But please, don’t season with salt, as it may cause unsightly water retention. Or also allows: grilled Steak with tomatoes. How many grams the Steak is not to be revealed.

In the evening nature can feast either yogurt with fruit or a bit of ham with salad””. All very Low Carb and High Protein.

After the diet, before the diet

Who fought successfully through the two-week diet, and has maintained, without losing sight of the mind, the Thonon diet recommends a “stabilization phase”, a possible yo-yo Effect avoid.

The means: Directly, the first week after the diet, you are allowed 1200 to 1500 calories per day.

Conclusion the advantages and disadvantages of the Thonon diet

Is recommend the Thonon diet really or absolutely radical and even dangerous? Our FIT FOR FUN nutrition scientist Andra Schmidt sees not a single advantage in the Crash diet, but rather a meaningful disadvantages. Her conclusion: you would definitely advise against the Thonon diet.

  • The metabolism suffers due to a low-fibre diet – constipation and digestion problems are the result.
  • The Glucose stores are empty, so that the body gets the energy from the muscle mass. This means that you lose muscle.
  • A Vitamin and mineral deficiency is inevitable, because you can not comply with, among other things, the recommendation of the German nutrition society (DGE) “200 grams of fruit and 400 grams of vegetables of the day”.
  • Sport at this stage is definitely not possible, because your body is too weak. At the same time it would mean for your body to additional Stress and the cortisol production to increase. Cortisol in turn inhibits the release of important growth hormones, and provides more appetite.
  • Your menstrual cycle may change because of the Crash diet easy, as your body will be completely under supplied.
  • On Social activities such as eating ice cream cozy cooking evenings going out with friends, BBQ whiz, etc. must first be waived.
  • A diet that does not exclude a possible yo-yo effect, is not a good diet. A good balanced, healthy Diet normally has no yo-yo effect and does not need the “stabilization phase”.

Andra Schmidt

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