This Bubbly "Pearsecco" Taste Like Pears And Hard Cider And Is All We Want For Spring

Who says that hard cider is only for the fall? With a new bubbly launch from Crispin Cider Co., you’ll have a sip that appeals to all times of year. Pearsecco is a beautiful marriage between pear-based cider and prosecco flavor.

Pearsecco, which launched on March 1, sits alongside the brand’s other wine-inspired sips, Crispin Rosé and Crispin Brut. You can get all three in a variety pack now, or just wait until April and to get the Pearsecco by itself in a six-pack. One 12-ounce can contains 4.5% ABV, which is comparable to a beer, and is 135 calories.

In the name of journalism, I took one for the team and cracked open a can of Crispin Pearsecco to try for myself. It’s quite tasty! I was expecting it to be bubblier, like many canned wine-inspired drinks, but this was smoother sip (which I like, because I hate when the bubbles make me feel bloated and full). There wasn’t an overwhelming pear flavor, and it has a great balance between the cider and prosecco. The Pearsecco gets a thumbs up from me!

“Both prosecco and pear-inspired beverages have seen strong growth in recent years,” Danielle Rappoport, director of Ciders, Mexican Importants, and Flavored Malt Beverages, said in a press release. “With the new Pearsecco flavor, we are continuing to appeal to cider and wine drinkers alike with yet another rendition of our fresh and modern take on cider.”

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