These sleep myths cause sleep problems

Experts will examine widespread myths to sleep

An American research team recently took the most widespread myths about the go to sleep under the magnifying glass. As the researchers in the current study, do not affect the behavior of these myths, only our sleep, but also pose a risk to public health. Sleep experts to clarify!

Researchers from the NYU School of Medicine combed through 8,000 sites in order to determine the 20 most frequent assumptions is used to a healthy sleep. This showed that many people believe tenaciously to a few sleep myths that are demonstrably bad for the health. The results of the research team recently presented in the journal “Sleep Health”.

Five hours of sleep are enough

According to the study, many people are of the opinion that five hours of sleep or even less is enough for recovery. This assertion am one of the Top myths that are widely used. At the same time this myth am also one of the most dangerous. Because there is numerous scientific evidence showing that long-term sleep are associated deficits, consistently with serious health risks. The Team led by Dr. Rebecca Robbins strongly recommends to avoid sleep times less than seven hours over long periods of time.

Snoring is annoying, but harmless

Another common myth is that snoring is troublesome for the Partner, but harmless. As Dr. Robbins reported, it is not. Snoring can be harmless, but also a sign of sleep apnea. This serious sleep disorder, the breathing of the Affected stops temporarily, thereby reducing the risk for a heart is to stand still increases. The authors of the study recommend, with regular and loud snoring, see a doctor.

A glass of alcohol helps to fall Asleep

Many people swear that a glass of alcohol helps you fall Asleep. The researchers from the NYU School of Medicine found more evidence that alcohol consumption before bedtime for sleep is unhealthy. It may be that some people fall asleep faster, the experts to a result of the alcohol, however, reduces the ability of the body to reach a deep sleep. Thus, the sleep under alcohol influence is less restful.

False sleep increases the risk of disease

“Sleep is a vital part of life, our productivity, mood, well-being and the overall health auswirkt“, Dr. Robbins says in a press release of the study results. Those who sleep too little or too poorly, increasing the risk for obesity, Diabetes, and heart disease.

More education needed

“Sleep is important for health and there is a need for greater efforts to the Public about this important issue to informieren“, Professor Girardin Jean-Louis added. Doctors would have to, for example, talk more with their patients about the sleep habits. So, you could contribute to such persistent myths to dispel. (vb)