‘These Earbuds Helped Me Sleep Soundly For the First Time In Years’

I live on one of Manhattan’s busiest avenues, in a second-floor apartment. The same things that make that fact fun—crowded bars, buzzy restaurants, lines-out-the-door ice-cream shops—make it sucky too, at least when it comes to my sleep.

Throughout the past four of years of living with ungodly street noise (courtesy drunken people, screaming kids, and loud AF garbagemen at 4 a.m.) I’ve tried just about everything to drown it all out to catch better Zs. That includes ear plugs, noise machines, ear plugs + an AC unit + a noise machine + a loud air purifier, pillows over my head, thicker curtains, giant headphones…you name it, I’ve tried it.

Those things helped, but nothing really solved my problem until I discovered Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds. The Bluetooth-powered snug plugs block out noise via noise-canceling technology (as Bose does), then play calming sounds on top to cover up any, well, city ones.

They’re magical. All it takes is a quick tap on the app on your phone for you to be instantly transported from Amsterdam Avenue (or wherever you are) to peaceful bliss. The sound-machine tracks are pretty typical—my favorites are Swell (think beach waves) and Shower (which sounds more like rain)—but having them play directly in your ear provides, at least in my opinion, a huge advantage: Instead of just hearing the repetitive hum around you, you’re immersed in it. It’s not distracting, like I thought it would be—just completely and totally enveloping.

Plus, despite all the tossing and turning I do (which is, BTW, a lot), the buds never seem to fall out. Probably because they come with three different sizes of soft silicone inserts to fit perfectly inside your ear canal. And they’re so low-profile, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. (Trust me, I do that often.)

And while I sleep alone (save for my pup), the Bose Sleepbuds are a godsend for anyone who has a human bedmate: You can set an alarm via the app that only you will hear—so no more getting yelled at every time you hit snooze.

Speaking of partners…if yours snores, these are a must-buy.

The only real downside of the buds are their price tag ($250), but believe me: They are worth every penny. Because let’s be honest…good sleep is priceless.

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