The top sex position for over 50s – could help alleviate symptoms of menopause

Five health benefits of having regular sex

As we age, sexual desires and experiences can all be affected by changing hormones and an ageing body.

But according to a fitness expert at Total Shape, this doesn’t mean that we should reduce our levels of intimacy as we age.

The expert revealed the best sex positions for people in their 50s and older, adding that regular intercourse can improve people’s mental and physical health.

“Benefits include lowered blood pressure due to physical contact, and an immune system boost with a higher concentration of immunoglobulin A,” the expert said.

“Sex can even reduce the risk of prostate cancer for men.”

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In first place is the woman on top. The expert said women might gain more enjoyment from sex in this position as they can control the depth and pace.

Having such control could help to alleviate some of the discomfort a woman may feel while going through menopause.

The expert explained: “[During menopause, the hormone] oestrogen is lower causing the vagina to be less elastic, which makes tears or bleeding more common [during sex].”

According to research cited by the expert, sex could reduce troublesome menopausal symptoms.

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A 10-year study has revealed that women who had sex at least once a week were 28 percent less likely to experience menopause symptoms.

The next best move to get the best out of sex is missionary with added support.

The expert elaborated: “Added support doesn’t sound very sexy but, for those experiencing sciatica, this may be needed.

“Suffering from sciatica is most common in those aged between 46 to 64 years old and affects 40 percent of the UK population.

“People suffering with this may feel more pain bending forward so lying on their back with a pillow underneath is a good adjustment to alleviate the pressure on the back.”

In third place is lying on your side, which can help to control the depth for women who might experience pain during intercourse.

This position is also “fantastic for those suffering from knee pain with no weight needed”.

In fourth place is “doggy”, which can benefit men who have suffered from prostate issues or have softer erections.

The expert said: “While finding positions that cater to the current function of your body is extremely important to increase comfort, you can also extend foreplay if it is taking more time to feel aroused and ensure you are using a lube that suits you both.”

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