The study revealed knowledge is a dangerous half-True causes of Cancer and the least know – Video

Smoking, too much alcohol, poor diet and too little exercise: Would make sure the Germans more, would, according to the German cancer research center ill, in the year 2018, around 165,000 people have less cancer.

However, the Knowledge of cancer causes is sown in the people tend to be rare. Many have knowledge of a dangerous half-and faith in medical myths. Scientists at the University College in London have studied how it is really to the level of knowledge about cancer causes.

The researchers used a study of 2016 to ask 1.330 British, specifically to the myths. The participants should detect in the conversation of eleven real cancer risk factors and twelve cancer myths identify. Among the cancer myths among other things, food from the microwave, electrosmog, cell phone radiation or detergents.

Almost half of the causes of Cancer is not known

The participants detected only 53 percent of the actual cancer factors and were only able to identify 36 percent of the cancer myths. This is not to say that almost half of the causes of Cancer is known, but a large part of the cancer myths to be true.

It is also interesting that the participants identified many risk factors that believed to the myths. And Vice versa: those who do not believe in scientific facts, not believed in the myths.

True Cancer Risk Factors

Smoking, alcohol consumption, low fruit consumption, high consumption of red and processed meat, Obesity, lack of exercise, sunburn, age over 70 years, HPV infections and their close relatives with cancer.

Cancer myths

Drinking from plastic bottles, sweeteners, genetically modified food, food additives, food from the microwave, Stress, electrosmog, cell phone radiation, and detergent.

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