Synopsys Introduce New & Improved AI-Enabled Solutions for Segmentation & Landmarking in Orthopedics & Cardiology

Example of Simpleware AS Ortho AI-enabled segmentation and landmarking

The Synopsys Simpleware Product Group is pleased to announce the release of Simpleware R-2021.03, which adds brand-new fully automated segmentation and landmarking tools for new anatomies, as well as improvements to the software’s established family of AI-enabled solutions for orthopedic and cardiology-based workflows.

Simpleware AS Ortho and AS Cardio provide fast and accurate solutions which harness state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms for segmenting and landmarking anatomical structures, solving a common bottleneck for researchers and medical device designers. Trained by experts, the Simpleware ML algorithms are verified by clinical professionals, and are scalable to process large batches of data up to 50 times faster than traditional methods.

Introduced in 2020, these modules are established as a one-click solution to reduce tedious manual work on medical image data, and produce models in just 1-3 minutes when using a standard engineering laptop. Importantly, these solutions are run on local hardware, with no need to upload confidential patient data to offsite servers for processing – ensuring all data stays secure within a network.

For the March 2021 release, Synopsys are adding Ankle CT and Knee CT tools to Simpleware AS Ortho module, as well as updates to the existing Knee MRI tool. This release will make it possible to easily plan joint replacement by automatically segmenting and landmarking the hip, knee, and ankle in a few clicks. Updates have also been made to the Simpleware AS Cardio module, with the addition of automatic coronary artery segmentation and new landmarks.

The R-2021.03 release will enhance the AI-based tools available in Synopsys Simpleware software, cutting down on tedious tasks and accelerating the innovation process when working on projects with 3D medical image data.

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