Study claim: Tattoos can protect against the common cold – as proof of an Experiment is used

Yes, we know that good home remedies. Anyone who thinks just now, once again, to be quickly a Flu shot to miss, you should replace the syringe against the tattoo needle. Vitamin C was yesterday, now Vitamin T! We could not believe it, but there’s actually a study that says that Tattoos could protect against colds.

Tattoos strengthen the defense

If you in the future, someone comes out stupid because of your Tattoos or grandma the hands above the head suggests, because you want to do is lay back under the needle, you now have a powerful Argument: Dr. Christopher Lynn of the University of Alabama claims that Tattoos can protect against colds.

In his study, which was published in March 2016 in “the American Journal of Human Biology,” writes Lynn, that tattoos would strengthen the immune system. It is, however, that the first Tattoo, if you look at it as a moderate infection, but is more of a challenge for the body and even can cause you sick faster. The more you submit, however, under the needle, the more the immune system gets used to it.

According to the stress reaction of the body eventually back to his usual equilibrium. If you continues but to stress the body repeatedly rather than always back to the same point of rest to return, he will adapt himself to the circumstances and will automatically be stronger.

So, Lynn. Comparable to the training beginnings in the fitness Studio. Here, too, the muscles of time to get used to the stress. Or not, if you start to weeks all over again.

The more, the better

To be able to the but also prove, worked together, Lynn and his colleagues are working with volunteers from the Tattoo Business to the nearby towns. You had to specify how many Tattoos do you have and how long the Tattoo lasted. In addition, you had before and after the Piercing a saliva sample. On the basis of this then the immuno-globin A-content was measured. A significant antibodies in the fight against pathogens, including colds.

The result: those who were for the first Time, a Tattoo, decreased the immuno-globin A-Level, logically, once in the basement. The more tattoos, however, were present, the less strong the immuno globin levels decreased. Hence the conclusion could be, therefore, that the Tattooing strengthens the immune system because the body is now accustomed to, against strong infections to fight. And that could be in the reverse conclusion in the fight against colds useful.