Store water in a copper vessel for good health. Top 5 benefits

Decades back when the level of technology was low – there weren’t any water purifiers or water heaters – old traditional ways were used to heat water, purify it and store. As we grow, we forget these basic utility ideas and move to easier options available. When we spoke to nutritionists, they hooted for one such important nuskha – drinking water from a copper vessel.

Here’s why it is good for you:

Copper is a micro-nutrient, it helps complete the nutrition and mineral requirement of the body. Eating or drinking out of copper vessels healthy as it is great for the immune system, digestion and also reduces the risk of cancer. “Water stored in a copper vessel is alkaline and drinking it cools the body down. Our body has toxins due to the food we eat and stress which makes the ph of the body acidic, so to avoid acidic ph, we need to have food alkaline in nature,” suggests nutritionist Kavita Devgan who says one should store water in a copper vessel at night and drink it up in the morning.

Agreeing to this, Manjari Chandra, Consultant, Nutritionist, Max Multi Speciality Centre says the best use of copper is to store water and not other eatables, “While, you can store about anything in a copper vessel, foods that contains ingredients such as salts, tomato, lemons etc. have high chances of making the overall food acidic and therefore, unhealthy. However, foods with neutral pH balance can be easily stored such as cooked rice or dal, boiled vegetables etc. Since copper is a good conductor of heat, it is advised for cooking, however, it is recommended to be used with a lining made of different material so it doesn’t transfer heat too fast.”

Top 5 benefits:

1. Improved immunity – People who are falling sick frequently with flu and have low immunity benefit from copper

2. Copper is anti-cancer agent – It reduces risk of all forms of cancer as it works as an anti-oxidant and thus, reducing toxic load in the body

3. It completely destroys common bacteria such as E.coli, salmonella etc.

4. It prevents food-borne infections as it doesn’t allow the bacteria to multiply

5. As per Ayurveda, copper vessels should be used to cut down doshas (physical and mental ailments) like acidity, heart burn, congestion, phlegm, cough, mucus, etc.

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First Published:
Apr 28, 2019 09:58 IST

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