Sex Toy Jewelry Sure to Upgrade Your Sex Life—and Your Wardrobe

In March 2017, Jane Fonda did us all a serious favor: She brought sex toy jewelry into the mainstream. In a televised interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Fonda revealed that one of her favorite pieces of jewelry is actually a nipple vibrator disguised as a necklace. (Fonda explained that she’d sported the sensational piece on several occasions—usually out to dinner, depending on the restaurant and the company.) Though Fonda didn’t pioneer sex toy jewelry, she did effectively render it socially acceptable. I mean, if it’s good enough for Jane Fonda, it’s good enough for all of us—right?

The vibrator necklace Fonda loves is one of a number of wearable sex toys that have graced the market in recent years. And it’s also one of the lowest-key options on offer. A lot of wearable sex toys have their roots in BDSM; collars, cuffs and nipple clamps dominate the space. It’s far more common to see necklaces that double as harnesses than necklaces that double as nipple vibrators.

But over time, as sex toy jewelry has become more common—and more appropriate to discuss on Ellen—beginner-friendly options are growing increasingly available. (And truer BDSM options are growing increasingly discreet.) Handcuffs are now adorned with beads and metallic chainmail. Leather harnesses are lined with gold details that leave them looking and feeling like jewelry. Necklaces offer homes to vibrators and metal whips in equal measure.

The best part of all of this is, of course, that these toys masquerade as genuinely chic accessories. Wearable sex toys are fun—and they open the door to new kinds of play. But they’re also cute enough to wear on the regular. And that alone is reason enough to buy them.

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Crave Vesper

This stunning necklace conceals a tiny vibrator in plain sight. Wear it anywhere and everywhere, and reveal its true purpose to your loved ones as you see fit.

Plaisir Nacre Pearl Handcuffs

These beaded bangles are actually handcuffs. Detach the chain to wear the cuffs as slinky bracelets, and reattach it to explore some light restraint later on.


This ring isn’t just a piece of statement jewelry — it’s a multi-mode vibrator. Boasting three speeds and two pulsing patterns, you can use the ring like you’d use any finger vibrator. (This one’s just cute enough to wear out.) 

Crave Droplet Necklace

This wrap necklace offers not one — but two — beginner nipple vibrators. The black loops double as nipple clamps that offer another layer of wearable fun.

Bijoux de Nip Pearl and Beaded Nipple Clamp

These might resemble a pair of classic earrings, but they’re actually nipple clamps. Not the kind of thing you’d have the opportunity to wear in public, but a worthwhile addition to your NSFW wardrobe, nonetheless.

Maze Hand Bracelet Harness

These trendy bracelets are actually harnesses for your hands. Wear them as statement accessories, or use them as intended — either way, they’re sure to delight.

Golden Whip Necklace

This intricate metal collar can easily be repurposed as a whip. Just fold the collar in half, and use the chains to tease your partner — or yourself.

Pearl Beaded Clitoral Clamp

You’ve likely never considered the thought of buying jewelry for your clitoris. But such a thing does exist.

And don’t worry — according to the Pink Bunny website, this clitoris clamp promises to be “more ooh, than ouch.”

Desir Metallique Metallic Mesh Collar

This metallic collar is a beginner bondage piece, making it a particularly accessible way into the world of restraints. Whether you wear it over or under your next night-out look, we suspect people will be asking you where you got it — and where they can get one of their own.

Cleo Bangle Handcuffs

These bangles may be the chicest handcuffs we’ve ever laid eyes on. Wear them both on one wrist as a sleek accessory, or sport them as intended, and begin to explore the world of BDSM.

(Oh, and if you were curious, the engraved inscription reads: “There is freedom in restraint.”)

Maze Tassel Choker

This choker doubles as a leash—and triples as a whip. Undoubtedly one of the more eye-catching pieces of sex toy jewelry on the market, this choker is perfect for those who prefer boldness over subtly.

Unice Finger

Wisp specializes in sensual jewelry designed for fragrance and massage. The Unice Finger cuff can conceal a perfume orb of your choosing, and can be worn on the outside or inside of the hand for easy access.

Magnifique Waist Chain Jewelry

Clitoris jewelry is on the market—it’s only fair that butts get a little love, too. This waist chain serves no practical purpose, other than highlighting your truly stunning tush.

Wear it on its own, or layer it over your favorite panties—either way, you’re sure to entice whoever’s looking.

Orion Cuffs

Maximalists will surely appreciate the opportunity to sport an accessory that’s bold, statement-making and truly out-of-the-box. These blue leather cuffs can stand on their own as show-stopping bangles, or attach to a strap for some next-level play.

Lovehoney Tease Me Nipple Clamps

These hoops weren’t designed with your ears in mind. Fasten the clamps around your nipples, and enjoy the added stimulation that will follow every move your partner makes. (Take note, though: Lovehoney warns these clamps aren’t for beginners.)

Maze H Harness

The Maze H Harness would be an incredibly badass purchase, whether or not you ended up using it as intended. The leather choker-based bodice is perfect for wearing on its own—or layering over some of your favorite pieces. With a harness this eye-catching, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

Magnifique Necklace Whip

Statement necklaces are never a bad idea—especially when rendered in sleek silhouettes and crafted from classic materials. The Magnifique Necklace Whip checks all these boxes, all the while doubling as an actual whip.

Seven ’til Midnight Pearl and Gold Draped Body Chain

This beaded harness is more aesthetic than practical—but there’s nothing wrong with that. This pretty piece may not lend itself to BDSM, but it’s sure to play well with all your favorite lingerie. (And if you want to take things to the next level, you can always slip into it and nothing else.)

Vegan Princess Collar

This Vegan Princess Collar is a sex accessory made for the current sartorial moment. Chokers are endlessly trendy, and early aughts motifs have become a staple of our current style environment. This collar captures both of those aesthetics simultaneously—while lending itself to BDSM-friendly fun, too. 

Metal Worx Magnetic Crystal Tip Nipple Clamps

Love the look of nipple piercings, but reluctant to make the commitment? These Metal Worx nipple clamps fully understand you. Designed to look like piercings (without actually requiring any holes), these crystal-tipped clamps will reward your aesthetic whims — while intensifying your pleasure.

Desir Metallique Metallic Mesh Handcuffs

Crafted from metallic mesh, these bangles are a little cozier than your average handcuffs — but they’re equally fun. Wear them as bangles whenever you like, and strap them into their chain as you see fit.


This choker/harness combination is an aesthetic masterpiece. The black straps drip with classic BDSM appeal, while the gold accents lend the feel of jewelry to the accessory. Even better? The entire piece is adjustable. So you can detach the harness and wear the choker on its own whenever you like. 

Maze Wide Cuffs

Bijoux Indiscrets’ Maze Wide Cuffs are bold and subtle in equal measure. While the thick silhouette feels commanding, the neutral palette feels discreet. Wear one, or both, or layer them on the same arm. The options for these cuffs abound.

Fetish Fantasy Nipple and Clit Jewelry

You’ve likely never dreamed of adorning your nipples and clitoris with matching jewelry, but thanks to this Fetish Fantasy set, you officially can. Layer the loops over your nipples to create a low-hanging necklace, and slip the beaded piece over your clitoris. The result will be a seriously out-of-the-box jewelry look (and a seriously stimulating one, too).

Magnifique Tickler Pendant Chain

Dainty jewelry is endlessly trendy. And this pendant necklace, in particular, offers more than just aesthetic appeal. Doubling as a mini whip, this necklace serves as a beginner-friendly invitation into the world of impact play and BDSM. (And even if never used as intended, this chic accessory would still be a veritably worthwhile purchase.)

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