Selma Blair Is Feeling ‘Sick as All Hell’ and Vomiting: ‘The Medical Treatments Take Their Toll’

Selma Blair is having a seriously “#roughday.”

The 46-year-old actress was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in October, and since then she has been undergoing treatment to deal with the side effects of the condition. But her the time spent sick is adding up, and Blair said Friday that she’s having a tough time.

“Here’s a truth. I feel sick as all hell,” she wrote on Instagram. “I am vomiting and all the things which are not polite to speak of. My son ran away. From me. I have to get him to school. The medical treatments take their toll.”

But, said Blair, she will push past this day.

“I am going to get through this. We do. This will pass,” she said. “And to moms and dads who watch their kids sick on things we take to get better… I hold you. So glad this is me and not my child.”

Blair shared that her mindset switches from negative to positive.

“I cannot imagine ever feeling ok again. #roughday. We get through. #realitycheck”

Over the past seven months, Blair has dealt with all kinds of side effects from the chronic neurological condition, from difficulty using her right leg to voice spasms to total exhaustion.

“There were times when I couldn’t take it and I was really struggling with how I’m going to get by in life,” she admitted on Good Morning America in February, noting she was “not being taken seriously by doctors.”

Recounted the Legally Blonde actress, “I dropped my son off at school a mile away and before I got home I’d have to pull over and take a nap … it was killing me. And so when I got the diagnosis, I cried with relief.”

Blair said the relief was because she finally had a name for what was going on in her body.

“I had tears,” she explained. “They weren’t tears of panic, they were tears of knowing that I now had to give in to a body that had loss of control and there was some relief in that.”

Through all the ups and downs of living with MS, Blair told PEOPLE for the 2019 Beautiful Issue that she’s simply happy to be alive.

“Life is hard, and living with a chronic illness is hard,” she said. “There are things I can’t do at the moment, but things like all these [facial] lines are a luxury because it means I’m still alive and enjoying it.”

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