Real Problem: anesthesiologists warn of a state of emergency in important anesthesia drug

The professional Association of anesthesiologists (BDA) has warned of a state of emergency in the anesthesia Medication. “The situation is coming to a head,” said BDA President, Götz Geldner.

“If the manufacturer can’t deliver, we have a real Problem", he said the "Image on Sonntag". This is particularly relevant to smaller clinics and Doctors, which create only a small supply. “Without Propofol, the anesthesiologists in Germany could not maintain the high level of treatment is maintained.” Geldner himself knows at least two colleagues who can’t work under the given circumstances, from the end of December.

Too much concentration on the drugs market

Currently, there are according to the Federal Association of pharmaceutical wholesalers (Phagro) 250 prescription medications with shortage of supply. The Phagro-Chairman Thomas Trümper back which leads to a strong concentration on the drug market: “There are agents that will only be produced by a single manufacturer. In the case of a market concentration of the supply of medicines is extremely vulnerable,“ he said.

Geldner criticized that the delivery problems with generic occur, and not in licensed medicines, with which the manufacturer will achieve a higher return. He asks: “Who wants to sell in Germany its expensive cancer drugs, it must also sell the cheap, but the supply of relevant medications.”

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