Pregnant: Many of the funds to reimburse the costs of folic acid Co

Many statutory health insurances in Germany reimburse their Insured voluntary over-the-counter medications. The prerequisite for this is that they are prescribed by a physician on a green recipe. Particularly for Pregnant women, such as the German pharmacists Association (DAV), according to a recent evaluation reported benefit.

109 statutory health insurance funds in Germany, 76 to their Insured voluntary prescription reimbursed medicines. 41 cash in your medicines Pregnant reimburse, under certain conditions, with iron, Magnesium, folic acid, or iodide.

Pharmacist and DAV self-medication Advisor Stefan Fink advises to check in advance the exact conditions for reimbursement by private health insurance: "Usually, the Fund defines the type of eligible drugs, sets a maximum limit in euros per year and calls for a doctor’s recommendation in the Form of a Green recipe." Along with the receipt from the pharmacy, the Patient can submit the Green copy of the recipe from his health insurance company and ask for a refund.

"With their voluntary Statute benefits the health insurance companies are in competition against each other profilieren&quot want to;, Fink says. "In the area of self-medication may result in reasonable offers for individual groups of patients. The pharmacists advise the patients to these drug therapies and Alternatives. Over-the-counter medicines are just as subject to effective as a prescription, and protection from misuse or even abuse is a top priority."

A list of eligible over-the-counter pharmaceuticals from health insurance companies, you can find on


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