Power Boost for idol! Behind Mario’s new dream-body, a simple Plan

Mario Götze is so fit as long. He is also due to his change in Diet. The Dortmund now revealed: He now lives Flex, ITAR, Japanese.

After his performance deep in the first half of the season, Mario Götze is back in top form. His Fitness secret he revealed is now the “image”newspaper: food He ate Flex ITAR table: “I eat at home only vegan and clean. If I’m away food, I eat only from selected meat and fish.“

Flexitarier means a flexible vegetarian, or even part-time vegetarians. People who live according to this diet, you will not see the waiver is not quite as tight. To them, it is especially important to reduce your consumption of meat products.

At least three days a week, no meat

So a Flexitarier eats “everything”, such as the German nutrition society (DGE) describes it. They oriented themselves to a vegetarian diet, but also meat and fish. Often the quality of the food plays for Flexitarier also an important role and the welfare of the animals.

What is the motive behind götze’s new diet plan, reported the newspaper. Often vegetarians have to play for the part-time according to the DGE for health reasons as well as environmental and animal protection, but also for weight control.

How rare someone’s flesh needs to eat in order to call oneself Flexitarier, is not defined. In a survey conducted by the vegetarian Association in 2013 counted all the people who refused at least three days a week on meat.

People who eat a purely plant-based, it can develop defects

To fed home Flexitarier Götze Abroad-even much more severe, namely a vegan. Basically, his diet would have to be referred to as “flexigan” (flexible Vegan). He set “to the proteins of nuts, Tofu, beans, oats and Quinoa,” as the “image”newspaper reported. Sugar or artificial additives it avoid, however.

For Vegans, all animal foods are off-limits, even honey. Whether the purely plant-based diet is healthy, as are the ghosts. Those who live vegan and still be balanced would like to feed, is facing a challenge. Vegans need to be very careful to take high-quality and different kinds of food. In order to provide the body with all the important nutrients that needs to be planned diet of vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and nuts well. For healthy adults, the consumer is no reason why the Central is that then I have nothing against a vegan diet.

The food combination however is not, it can even in adults, according to the German nutrition society (DGE) “due to the lack of any kind of animal food to supply with energy, Protein, iron, Calcium, Iodine, zinc, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), and Vitamin D come”. Particularly high is the risk for nutrient deficiencies, however, in infants and children, because they need during the growth many of these nutrients. In addition, you can store the nutrients as well as adults.

In particular, Vitamin B12 is critical

In particular, Vitamin B12 can Vegan not so easy to record, since it is found mainly in animal products such as milk, meat or eggs, is. Although Sauerkraut and seaweed actually provide Vitamin B12, but either in such low quantities that they come as a source is hardly in question – or it is called the Vitamin B12 analogues.

Experts advise vegans, therefore, a Vitamin B12 Supplement to take. For whom Vitamin B12 lack, which carries an increased risk for heart attack, stroke, and dementia.

For Götze, a deficiency of Vitamin B12 is not, however, expect to. As Flexitarier, he finally picks up occasionally animal products such as meat and milk.