Mother believes her son is beaten up in the school – then, Doctors make shocking diagnosis

At the whole body bruises, the British elementary school student Lee Boxall had when he came home. His mother Clare was very worried. As she told the British Portal “i News”, has contacted you immediately after Lee’s class teacher.

She thought that he had been bullied in school and beaten up – so that the Boy looked like.

After a few days was Clare, however, is that your Boy always lethargic. You said:

“He slept all day, didn’t eat or drink and got a bad headache. So I went with him to the hospital.”

There the Doctors made a startling diagnosis: Lee, it was so bad because he was bullied, but because he had cancer in a very advanced stage.

The Doctors gave him only 24 hours to live

He suffered from acute lymphocytic leukemia – a type of cancer, with a rapidly progressive bone marrow failure. Sufferers suffer from General weakness and a tendency to bleed. Therefore, Lee came to the blue spots.

The number of white blood cells in Lee’s blood was so high that the Doctors gave him only 24 hours to live, if he would not immediately be put in a coma.

For a month Lee was in a coma. During this time he suffered a stroke and two haemorrhages in the brain. He was able to speak after, neither yet to run. His mother said:

“It took almost a year, until he could walk again and he had to learn to Speak completely new. His left half of the body was far from weak.”

The Boy received a strong chemotherapy, and the treatment seemed at first a good strike.

The cancer came back – worse and more aggressive than before

The Doctors were hoping to soon have a bone marrow transplant to perform, in order to strengthen Lee’s immune system.

But then, after about a year, again the shock: Lee again had cancer. This Time he spread even to the brain. “He was angry and cried. It was a bitter blow, he thought the cancer was gone.”

However, the cancer was back. Even worse and more aggressive than before. At the beginning of the year, the Boy suffered from even a cardiac arrest.

“It was horrible to watch”,and told his mother. Soon, the cancer seemed to be, however, again defeated – only in August 2018. For a third Time.

Meanwhile, it does not allow Lee’s health condition is a bone marrow transplant. That’s why his family is now trying to collect enough money to be able to Lee a special treatment in the USA, you will pay. Anyone wishing to donate can do so here.

Despite all of this, the small Lee remains strong. “He cries every night and says that he doesn’t want me, his father, and his little sister leave. But he is a cheerful, lively child despite what he must.”

This article was written by HuffPost / ujo