Mikey North health latest: Eight causes of Coronation Street star’s sleep condition

Mikey North, 32, first joined ITV soap opera Coronation Street back in 2008. Many fans of the star may have notice him in small roles in The Bill, Britannia High and Waterloo Road. But something they may not know is North suffers from a “horrendous” sleep disorder which has seen him leave his house and wake up in the street barely dressed.

Mikey North suffers from a “horrendous” sleep disorder which has seen him leave his house and wake up in the street barely dressed

Last year, the actor told Lorraine host Rochelle Humes that sleepwalking is a complete nightmare for him.

Sleepwalking is when someone walks or carries out activities while not being fully awake.

It tends to occur in the first few hours after falling asleep and can start at any age.

It mostly affects children and many grow out of it by the time they reach puberty.

But it can sometimes carry on into adulthood, which is the case for North.

He said on the show: “I’m a really bad sleep walker. Horrendous sleep walker.

“I’ve been known to leave the house…and try and let myself in next door in my pants.”

North noted he’d previously been roused from his slumber in the middle of the street armed with his duvet.

He jokingly warned: “So if you live on my street watch out. I’m coming for you next.”

The exact cause of sleepwalking is unknown, but the NHS states it seems to run in families.

It explains: “You’re more likely to sleepwalk if other members of your close family have or had sleepwalking behaviours or night terrors.”

The health body goes on to list some causes that can trigger sleepwalking or make it worse:

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Infection with a fever, especially in children
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Taking recreational drugs
  • Certain types of medication, such as some sedatives
  • Being startled by a sudden noise or touch, causing abrupt waking from deep sleep
  • Walking up suddenly from deep sleep because you need to go to the toilet

While occasional sleepwalking episodes do not usually need medical attention and is rarely a sign of anything serious.

But if sleepwalking episodes occur frequently or you’re concerned the person may be at risk of injuring themselves or others you should consider seeing a GP.

Another Coronation Street star who’s spoken about their health condition is Bhavna Limbachia.

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