Measles on the rise – now comes the compulsory vaccination in Germany?

The number of global measles-related diseases continues to rise. As the WHO reports, more than 112.000 infections in 170 countries reported. The Minister of health Spahn wants to submit a proposal for the compulsory vaccination. An expert from the Robert Koch-Institute, however, questioned the sense of the vaccination.

The life-threatening disease is on the rise again: In comparison to the prior-year period, the number of measles has quadrupled cases worldwide. The world health organization said on Monday in Geneva. Last more than 112.000 infections were in 170 countries reported. A year ago, about 28,000 cases in 163 countries.

According to the WHO, only every tenth case is reported at all. This could mean that the extent of the highly contagious disease is still much worse than the current Figures. Up to the year 2016, the number of measles-diseases to decline. Meanwhile disease is on the rise again. In the year 2017 110,000 people have died, according to WHO, the measles.

Not curable, but preventable

In the rich countries, the spread of the disease goes back to the WHO-according to experts, an increasing Impfskepsis. In the poor areas, many people do not have access to vaccination, such as the WHO complained. In Africa, the number of reported cases increased by 700 percent, in Europe by about 300 percent.

In the case of a measles, a red rash following a high fever. Also life can arise dangerous complications, such as pneumonia or meningitis, especially in infants or the elderly. Measles can’t heal, but with the help of a simple vaccination to prevent it. For full protection two doses are sufficient. Health authorities therefore call urgently for the vaccination.

The Federal government wants to introduce compulsory vaccination

Such a discussion is currently running in Germany. At the beginning of may, Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to submit a proposal to measles vaccination in German daycare centers and schools. Also, the SPD-health-Minister Karl Lauterbach and the Federal Minister for family Affairs, Franziska Giffey (SPD) are in favour of compulsory vaccination. Already last Thursday, the Parliament called on the red-red state government of Brandenburg with a broad majority, to create the conditions to ensure that up to a Federal regulatory solution to a vaccination as a mandatory prerequisite for attending day-care centres and day care. At the same time, the state government should bring in Brandenburg, an initiative in the Bundesrat. The rest of the provinces currently have mandatory vaccination is no uniform Position to a measles.

Expert at the Robert Koch-Institute, doubted the sense of the vaccination

The Impfexperte of the Robert Koch-Institute, Ole Wichmann, is holding a measles vaccination, however, does not make sense. In the case of measles there were gaps in adolescents and young adults, said Wichmann in the Bavarian broadcasting. "The large gaps are more likely in older age."

The expert urged health insurance companies and Doctors to invite to the screening for the young, the so-called J-tests. Before a vaccination will be introduced, "we should try to have other things to optimieren". In addition, there are also other diseases in which a higher Coverage would be desirable, such as for the prevention of cervical cancer.