Masturbation: 5 reasons why you should more often found in

Most of the talk only reluctantly about it, whether, and how often do you satisfy yourself, even within the relationship, the topic is often considered as a taboo.

In the process, Masturbation is actually quite normal, and nothing for which we should be ashamed of ourselves.

On the contrary, It is even in a variety of Ways to be healthy, to regularly come to orgasm and self – satisfaction is the easiest way to reach the. Many find it even easier, if you “lend a Hand”.

Just in time for the Start of the International Masturbation month of may, we have five good reasons for Masturbation in stock.

1. Reason: Anti-Aging Effect

Orgasms are cheaper and a lot more fun than Botox, however, have a similar Anti-Aging effect.

“Obviously, Sex could be more likely to slow down (alone or in pairs, as it is popular) the aging process,” explains ‘Lelo’, the world’s leading Premium designer brand for elegant sex toys, in a statement.

A study of couples and Singles, accompanied for more than 10 years, has confirmed a few years ago. According to the results, someone who lives in a stress-free relationship and Sex three times a week, a whole decade younger than anyone who has no Sex.

Study leader Dr. David Weeks said to ‘BBC’, however, is that love zufogle full sexual intercourse with a steady Partner, the results of more Benefit-sex partners to bring as the traffic exchange.

2. Reason: Stress Relief

A hard day on the Job? To relax “or even in the mood, falls in these cases are particularly difficult to” know the Sex-experts ‘Lelo’.

In the process, Sex would be (Solo)now, exactly the Right thing: orgasms help to relieve Stress and to increase psychological well-being. Scientifically this has been proven in a study from the University of Maryland.

3. Reason: Booster for the brain

An orgasm is increased according to a study, the DHEA-to keep levels in the body that help the brain, the skin and tissue healthy.

DHEA is the main precursor of sex steroids, which in the adrenal gland, in the adipose tissue, in the testicles and in the ovaries of male and female sex hormones poles are formed.

The Best part: to get the benefit of it, it doesn’t matter whether you toss and turn with someone else in the sheets, or yourself to please.

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4. Reason: the immune system is strengthened

How ‘Lelo’, has shown in Germany, conducted a scientific study that men who masturbate more frequently have higher Leukocyte levels and thus allowing a better immune system.

A further study found a higher presence of Immunoglobulin A – an important value as a protection against pathogens in the saliva of people who often have an orgasm.

The studies show that self-gratification is so a factor for a strong immune system. The flu season is behind us, but the next Winter is sure to come!

5. Reason: Better Mood

Thanks to the increased ‘Oxytocin’Levels of orgasms make us passionate, intuitive, and social. Thus, the Masturbation could have a positive effect on our charisma, and dealing with our environment.

Oxytocin strengthens, according to the ‘pharmacy Umschau’, for example, the pair bond and trust in other people, reduces anxiety, reduces aggression, and makes us empathic.

All of this has brought the hormone even the nickname “cuddle hormone”.

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