J.Lo Just Posted A Pic Of The Epic Feast She Ate After Her 10-Day Challenge

Jennifer Lopez wrapped up her 10-day, low-carb, no-sugar challenge on Wednesday, and now, she’s opening up about what she really thinks about going carb- and sugar-free.

J.Lo went on the TODAY show Friday morning to talk about her experience, and it turns out, she was pretty surprised about her new attitude on carbs: “I was, like, I’m going get up in the morning and have oatmeal,” she said, talking about the morning after the challenge was done. “I just needed some carbs. And then I only had three bites and I was like eh, I’m done with this.”

J.Lo said she just didn’t crave the foods she skipped on the challenge when she could finally have them again. And, get this: She said she just wasn’t as hungry anymore. “I kept dreaming about what I was going to eat,” she said. “But you get to a point where you can’t fit as much down.”

But J.Lo said her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, who also did the challenge, “went crazy” on the formerly-forbidden foods when it was over (A.Rod posted some proof of that via Instagram—apparently he chowed down on pizza, wings, french fries, and pastries, post-challenge).

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Top this. How did you break the #10daychallenge?

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But J.Lo didn’t only celebrate with oatmeal: Thursday night she shared an Instagram Story of an entire Puerto Rican feast, which included carb-heavy rice, beans, and fried plantains. (She captioned that photo “worth the wait,” btw).

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Overall, Jennifer said the experience was “amazing” and she loves how much other people have gotten into it. “Everywhere we go, people come up to us and say, ‘I’m going to start it!'” she said. And J.Lo said she liked the whole thing so much, she’s planning to do it again—sooner, rather than later.

“I’m going to do five days with eating normal and then I’m going to go back to doing it for another 10 days,” she says. “Maybe people can join me on the second round.”

And of course, J.Lo couldn’t pass up the opportunity to rave about how amazing Hoda Kotb, who also participated in her challenge, looks. “You can really see just how much of a difference taking sugar out of your diet not only makes you fee but what it does to your body,” says J.Lo.

So I guess now there’s only one question: Will you be joining J.Lo for her next round of the challenge? You’ve got five days to decide.

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