Insulin pill for the treatment of Diabetes without injections?

Breakthrough in the treatment of Diabetes?

People with Diabetes in the future, insulin injections and instead Insulin just oral? Experts have now developed a type of pill, which after ingestion is able to place themselves on the tissue of the gastro-intestinal tract and a tiny needle, which then delivers the required Insulin.

The scientists at the internationally recognized Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit) have developed a kind of tablet, which is by a tiny Insulin needle to the body. This could enable you to treatment of Diabetes without the conventional Insulin injections. The doctors published the results of their study in the English journal “Science”.

Oral administration is preferred by patients and health care providers

For people with Diabetes, Insulin is a life-saving drug, which regulates blood sugar. In the case of administration of Insulin, stitches are usually, in the course of the day several of the needle is necessary, since diabetics need to monitor their blood sugar. These bites can be painful or uncomfortable, which is why the have developed WITH scientists, a new type of pill. The oral intake of medicines preferred by both patients and health-care providers, said study author Giovanni Traverso from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Further research is needed

Although the new pills technology has been tested only on rats and pigs showed the experimental results that the animals had no complications or side effects, such as, for example, blockages in the administration of the drug or unwanted perforations in the stomach tissue. The device, however, is still in the early stages of development and further testing is required. The doctors assume that the first human trials will take place within the next three to five years.

The possibilities of the treatment of Diabetes without injections