How much coffee your body is good for and whom it harms – Video

Coffee is better than its reputation. A nutritional expert explains how many cups per day are good for the body and why some people don’t use Espresso drink.

Many people love their coffee. Whether after getting Up in the Morning, noon, or deep as the energy Kick in-between: coffee makes you alert and invigorated. In addition, studies show a positive influence of coffee on the human organism. So coffee lowers disease the risk for liver or prevent certain heart and cancer diseases. Coffee drinkers suffer less frequently from Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.

However, the ingredients of coffee, as the caffeine can have a certain amount of negative health consequences. The Christian Sina, Director of the Institute for nutritional medicine at the University hospital of Lübeck explained. These are lawn, for example, sweating, diarrhea, headaches, increased nervousness or excitability to heart.

After a maximum of four cups of coffee, it should be

When symptoms such as these, is different for each person because there are habituation effects, the more you drink every day a lot of coffee, as well as at some point more of it than someone who drinks only once in the week a Cup. This is generally unproblematic – as long as negative symptoms absence.

Nevertheless, the expert draws a line: “More than three to four cups of filter coffee a day, it should not be in the majority, and especially not more than two at once.”

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Not only the quantity is decisive – also the preparation

In addition, coffee is coffee: Espresso is not only significantly more concentrated than filter coffee. He is for some individuals are also less digestible.

The nutrition practitioner explains: “Certain ingredients are not filtered out in the case of Espresso as opposed to filter coffee preparation. Therefore, Espresso is pushing the cholesterol level in the height.“ Patients with elevated cholesterol values, therefore better to filter coffee.