HIIT, Yoga, Jogging: effective Sport protects against depression

Depressed mood and lack of motivation are signs of Depression. It is one of the most common diseases in Germany.

According to the German depression aid Foundation, every fifth German ill once in his life to Depression.

Not only is a drug treatment and professional help can help. So far, Jogging was regarded primarily as a means to affect the brain positively.

Because, as a previous study shows, is triggered when Running a similar reaction as when taking an antidepressant.

Also the strength training has been proven in a study a positive effect on people with depression.

Already 35 minutes of the day rich

But not only Jogging, and weight lifting, but any type of movement, to fight depression, it helps, shows a recent study from the United States. The researchers have investigated the influence of Sport on already depression affected participants.

And the result is clear: even a few minutes of exercise per day can help against mental illness. “On average, about 35 additional minutes of physical activity per day can help to reduce the risk of depression and protect you against future relapses,” says Karmel Choi, head of the study.

This is also true for people who have a high genetic risk for depression.

Whether it’s Yoga or strength training: Physical activity helps

Intensive sports not only help high-types such as Jogging and strength training. Less intensive activities like Yoga, Pilates and Stretching have a positive effect on mood and thus act as a preventative against depression.

“Even if you feel already depressed, helps physical activity also,“ explains Choi.


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Luisa High Brink

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