Fitness expert reveals: these are the four biggest mistakes in losing weight

Slimming can be quite a chore. Especially, if, in all the efforts is not the hoped-for progress to be made, it can be discouraged very quickly.

Trainer and Fitness expert Jillian Michaels has many people lose weight and Reach your desired weight helped. You know, what matters in this process.

In an Interview with the English-language Portal 'Popsugar' on it covers some common mistakes that can prevent you from reaching your goals.

1. Error: you rely only on Workouts

"The biggest mistake I see, is to combine the Training with a reduced-calorie diet, the besteht&quot from healthy food;, Michaels explains.

"You eat more calories than you take in a day burn, your body stores these calories as Fett", she says.

If you already have a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables, whole grain products, lean meat and healthy fats to adhere to, but still not losing weight, the Problem may be with the portion sizes.

While some high-calorie foods such as Avocados or nuts-rich part of a healthy diet, should be your portion sizes, however, rather small. Getty Images Fitness expert reveals the four biggest mistakes in losing weight

2. Error: you do not eat mindfully

During the Counting of calories should not be on your agenda, there is no harm if they sat apart, even with the calorie information of your food and check whether the number corresponds to your needs.

If you get a sense of how an appropriate Portion looks like, you can focus on mindful eating.

The mindful eating appeals to all the senses. So you can enjoy your meal without distractions, causing you to better enjoy and your hunger signals will be able to hear.

3. Error: No physical increase in

According to Michaels, many people underestimate their fitness capabilities. The prevents you from to see faster progress and results.

If you were already since a couple of months of walking, then it is perhaps time, or to go Jogging twice a week. The same applies in the gym, Try to increase your reps, or heavier Weights.

Michaels recommends that, to go in Training on about 80 percent of your maximum heart rate. Feel free to experiment with your fitness program to have the Best from your Workout out. A Fitness Tracker can help you.

4. Error: No variety in Training

Just, if you have not yet found the perfect Fitness Routine for yourself, it is worth different things to try.

Michaels recommends that you not change the workout every two weeks, to burn more calories, but also to avoid boredom.

Here, it refers to group classes like Zumba or Crossfit where the coach knows how to boost your physical performance and the optimal weight loss can be achieved.

Also strength training workouts are a great way to keep up to build muscle faster body to get rid of your body fat in increasing age, fit and strong.

Cornelia Bertram