Expert Ranking: the 10 best diets 2019

A panel of 23 experts has classified 41 diets according to various criteria, including security, feasibility, prevention and control of Diabetes and heart disease, as well as effectiveness in weight loss.

Among the worst diets some popular diets such as Keto or Whole30, according to the experts – blame it on your highly restrictive concepts.

But not all of the diets fared in the Ranking are bad, some are classified as recommended.

According to the experts, the following ten diets are the best for all those who want announcements to your Extra Kilos in the year 2019 the fight.

Seat 6: Ornish Diet

The Ornish Diet, developed by Dr. Dean Ornish, on whole-grain products, fruits and vegetables. The diet is also low in fat and avoids animal protein and refined carbohydrates.

The diet has received a “mixed reaction” from the expert panel, the report of the ‘U.S. News & World’.

Although the concept had been classified as one of the best diets for heart health, show the research, that people are difficult to stick to diets such as Ornish, since it requires a very low fat intake.

Seat 6: The Nordic diet

Also on the sixth place of the list is the Northern lands of diet.

It was developed by nutrition scientists at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, and is based on ten key concepts to fruits where the consumption of sea and whole grain products.

In addition, you should take in the diet only high-quality meat and overall eat less meat. Whenever it is possible to grab in addition to biological and seasonal products.

Another key concept of the diet is to take especially self-cooked food and to reduce food waste.

The diet was classified by the experts as regards safety and nutrient supply. To find your shortcoming: Seasonal food and prepare can be time-consuming.

Seat 5: TLC

The TLC diet was developed by experts from the U.S. National Institutes of Health. She is an advocate for healthy lifestyle Changes and focuses on the reduction of cholesterol.

People who follow this diet consume less saturated fat and limit foods such as Butter, cheese or red meat.

Instead, fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, cereals and low-fat dairy products on the table.

Seat 5: Volumetrics

The fifth place was the TLC diet is divided, among other things, with “Volumetrics,” a diminishing concept, developed by the nutrition Professor Barbara Penn at Penn State University.

Foods are divided into four categories based on their calorie density.

Category one includes, for example, starchy fruits and vegetables, soup and fat-free milk.

Category two, by contrast, contains, among other things, starchy fruits and vegetables, cereals, low-fat meat and legumes.

To the third category, other meats, cheese, bread, salad dressing, ice cream and cake.

And category four contains, among other things, crackers, Chips, chocolates, biscuits, nuts, Butter and Oil.

No foods are forbidden in the diet strictly, but food can be recommended mainly from the categories one and two.

Who holds on to the concept, should also limit the serving sizes of the foods in category three, and only take a few things from a category four.

Volumetrics received in Ranking high reviews for safety and nutrient supply, and is according to the panel of experts is also one of the best diets in Diabetes.

Seat 5: Mayo Klinic Diet

In the year 2018, the Mayo clinic diet has been classified by the expert panel eight place, this year it lands, together with the two just mentioned, nutrition concepts to rank five.

The diet has two phases: “lose It!” and “Live it!”. The former is more restrictive and focuses on the change in the eating habits. It is food, for example, taboo, while you’re watching TV, and anything else except fruit and vegetables to snack on.

In the second Phase, the aim is long-term viable, healthy eating habits to adopt. Fruits and vegetables, whole grain products, legumes, nuts, and healthy fats will be in focus.

The diet provides is based on a specially developed food pyramid, the fruits and vegetables on the main level.

Seat 4: Weight Watchers

The health and Wellness company WW (formerly Weight Watchers)reached in the ranking of 2019 in fourth place and was classified by the panel as the best diet for weight loss.

WW-participants translate calories, sugar, proteins and saturated fats in a points system, you are encouraged to take more nutritious food.

The creators stress, is to rely on flexibility instead of restrictions.

The participants can during the diet regularly with Coaches meetings, however, are not medical professionals

The panel of experts praised the Plan for positive group dynamics and ensure that fruit and vegetables form the basis, it varied, but not lacking.


This Plan is a hybrid Version of the Mediterranean diet and the DASH (more on this below). Mind focused on foods that affect the brain positively.

First studies show that the concept can help to reduce the risk of mental decline.

Among the basic foods of the diet berries, olive oil, whole grain products, nuts, salads, beans and fish.

REDUCTION was developed by Martha Clare Morris, a nutritional epidemiologist at Rush University Medical Center,.

Seat 3: Flexitäre Diet

In the second year in a row, dieFlexitarier was placed on a diet from the experts at third place.

Flexitarier – a word mix “is a combination of flexible” and “vegetarian” – eat according to a diet in which less meat is eaten, but not completely waived.

In addition, protein foods such as Tofu, eggs, nuts and beans the diet added.

The idea behind this is that some of the benefits of vegetarianism benefits, but are less restrictive need to feed.

This flexibility make the diet sustainable, so the panel of experts gave the Flexitarier diet also good reviews in terms of balance, long-term weight loss and heart health.

Seat 2: DASH-diet

DASH is a from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute supported and funded by eating habits to help against hypertension.

While it was developed specifically to combat high blood pressure experts DASH but also for a good choice for the improvement of General health.

Eight years in a row, the diet in the Rankings from ‘U.S. News & The World Report’ at the very top. In this year, they fell one place to number two.

DASH is based on fruits, vegetables, lean Protein and low-fat dairy products. Reduce sweets, sugar-sweetened drinks and foods with high saturated fat content.

Who holds on to the concept, you must restrict sodium consumption also to a maximum of 2300 milligrams per day.

The panel of experts rated DASH very well, as far as safety and nutrient supply. The nutrition count in addition to the best diets for heart health and Diabetes.

Course 1: The Mediterranean Diet

In the year 2019, the Mittelmeerdiätan the top of the list. The basic investigations that you associate with a longer and healthier life, Angela main, Vice-editor-in-chief for health at US News &amp said; World Report’, to ‘USA Today’.

“The diet is seen as healthy, wholesome and well balanced,” it said.

The Mediterranean diet is based on foods eaten in the Mediterranean countries, where people live in General longer and have less cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The Mediterranean diet is typically rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grain products, legumes and olive oil. Dairy products and poultry in moderation, and red meat and sweets only occasionally present.

Studies have also associated the concept with health benefits, such as reduced risk of heart disease and breast cancer. Some studies also indicate that the diet could also keep you mentally fit.

The members of the panel of experts gave their therefore “generally positive reviews”.

Judith Kerstgens

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