Erectile dysfunction could be a red flag for two silent killer conditions

Erectile dysfunction: Sex therapist reveals how to avoid it

Silent killers describe a cluster of medical conditions with no obvious symptoms that can progress to an advanced stage before they are detected.

Both diabetes and heart disease belong to the group of these gloomy health problems.

Diabetes doesn’t often cause noticeable signs, but it can lead to serious complications, including heart attacks and cancer, according to Diabetes UK.

Furthermore, heart disease can go virtually unnoticed until a complete blockage of the artery produces a medical emergency.

While these two health problems are often tricky to spot, Dr Janine David, erectile dysfunction specialist and an advisor to Eroxon, shared that a problem downstairs could ring alarm bells.

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Dr David said: “The most common cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) is insufficient blood flow to the penis.

“Insufficient blood flow is a factor common to both cardiovascular disease and diabetes.”

The expert explained that arteries in the penis are very narrow which is why the warning signs of heart disease can strike here “early”.

Furthermore, men with diabetes are three times more likely to experience ED, Dr David added.

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She said: “Diabetes also causes nerve damage and damage to blood vessels which can contribute to ED.”

While ED could alert you to these two silent killers, there are more signs you should be aware of.

Dr David said: “Other symptoms that could point to diabetes include thirst, drinking more than usual and peeing more than usual. 

“Losing weight without trying, feeling tired and weak, blurry vision and slow healing sores are other possible signs.”

Heart problems can also present with chest pain, chest tightness, chest pressure, shortness of breath, pain in the neck, jaw or back, and pain or numbness in legs or arms.

The expert recommended talking to your doctor if you think you might have heart disease or diabetes.

“Men often find this embarrassing but given that ED can be a sign of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, it is important to have a full health check to reduce the risk of any health issues worsening,” Dr David said.

If you’re trying to tackle ED, she recommended trying products like Eroxon, which increases blood flow to the penis. 

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