Doctors didn’t believe him: man dies of cirrhosis of the liver, although he does not drink alcohol

As a 38-comes-Year-old in the clinic, diagnose the Doctors cirrhosis of the liver. Behind the damaged Organ, the doctors suspect abuse, first of all, alcohol. The Patient asserts, however, to be Anti-alcoholic. When the Doctors come to the reason for the diseased liver, it’s already too late.

At a cirrhosis of the liver especially in people who drink over a longer period of time to a lot of alcohol develop normally. Noticeable you through symptoms such as drowsiness, yellow discolored eyes or swollen limbs. As a 38-Year-old with these symptoms in the Ernakulam Medical Centre in Kerala in India, Dr. Philips, he keeps him for just that: an alcoholic.

The severely obese Patient insists, however, has to be the absolute opposite to the life of abstinence, not even to drink a beer.

The Doctors of Dr. Philips to arrange various Tests to identify the cause of the liver damage. All of them are negative. Neither Hepatitis viruses, drugs, heavy metals, pesticides or other agents that can find the physician. You stand in front of a medical mystery, as they report in the journal “BMJ Case Reports”.

Tissue sample of the liver brings information

Find the doctors are finally, in the case of a tissue sample: liver of your 38-year-old patient is severely damaged. The body is covered by scars, and completely fat – typical consequences of alcohol abuse. But the man continues to pursue his Anti-alcoholic version.

Apparently to right to see the Doctors shortly afterwards: Because your Patient didn’t know about the alcohol, which he took regularly, and with whom he has damaged his liver. As the doctors learned in other interviews, was the man before he was in the hospital, made by a Patient to a practitioner. The man had turned due to the yellow coloring of his eyes.

The homeopath had prescribed for then tablets as well as a tincture with an alcohol concentration of 18.3 percent, as the Doctors stated that as they left the medium in the laboratory to investigate. This corresponds approximately to the content, liqueurs or Sherry contain. BMJ Case Reports in 2019, The prescribed means have caused injury to the liver of the man so massive that he has cirrhosis of the liver died

His liver was already damaged

Even if alcohol is always a poison for the body a healthy liver would be able to handle this amount of alcohol. In particular, because the man had taken the funds “only” for about two weeks on a regular basis. However, the 38-Year-old with a Body Mass Index of more than 35 liver was already suffering from a fat.

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Also, the biopsy of the organ showed. Responsible for the hospital Doctors will make the unhealthy diet of the man. The high-proof alcohol had given his already compromised liver now, but, so to speak, the death-blow.

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The Doctors tried to counter, prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and a special diet. The measures proposed, the values of the man improved, but were apparently too late. The previous damage to his liver was already far advanced. The Patient needed a new liver, the Doctors put him on the waiting list for a transplant.

However, until a suitable Organ is found, it can often take – in the case of the 38-Year-old, it took too long. Six weeks after the first Time he and Dr. Philips stood, he dies of organ failure.

The yellow discoloration of his eyes was completely harmless

What makes the case tragic: The yellow discolored eyes had consulted because of which the man homeopaths were caused by the so-called Gilbert syndrome, also known as Morbus Meulen gracht. A congenital enzyme defect leads in this disease, the yellow can’t be converted to brown Bile dye Bilirubin sufficient, and excreted. The result: skin and eyes turn yellow. This may be annoying, is according to the German liver help but completely harmless.

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