Dietary Supplement protect with glucosamine our heart?

Protection against cardiovascular disease by glucosamine?

Researchers found that supplements with glucosamine for joint pain the risk for heart-circulation-can reduce diseases. People who use such resources, patients are less likely to have heart and artery disease, have developed a rare stroke and died less frequently in the previously-mentioned diseases.

In the current investigation of Tulane University and the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, it was found that a dietary Supplement containing glucosamine people from cardiovascular diseases. The results of the study were published in the English magazine “British Medical Journal” (BMJ).

How does the taking of food supplements with glucosamine on the health of our heart? (Image: Unclesam/

Data from on are 465,000 people were evaluated

In the study 466.039 people took part. By Participating, each fifth almost of you to take glucosamine. The data analysis suggests that a potential Benefit of glucosamine for protection against Herz– and arteries results in diseases. First of all, further long-term studies were necessary.

What is glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound which is in the human articular cartilage. The body can manufacture its own glucosamine, but sometimes a dietary Supplement, used by people who want to your pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis and other joint disorders alleviate. The majority of glucosamine supplements are sold in pharmacies and health food stores as a dietary Supplement and not as a drug. These products are checked on their food security, to ensure that you can do them no harm, but they are not checked on quality or quantity of the active ingredient. The active ingredient can be produced synthetically or from the shells of shellfish obtained.

How effective is glucosamine?

The evidence for the effectiveness of glucosamine in joint pain is mixed, and only very limited. Guidelines of the NHS do not recommend it for use in osteoarthritis. In the current study, it was observational study. Therefore, there is no detailed information on glucosamine dose, or the duration of the application. Glucosamine was associated with a nine – to 22-percent lower risk of death from heart and artery disease, coronary heart disease and stroke, compared with the non-application over the ten years of the study. The researchers assume that the Supplement has an anti-inflammatory effect, which could explain the proposed Use, but further studies are needed.

Glucosamine is safe?

The studies on the safety of glucosamine are limited. People with an Allergy to shellfish should not take it, just as women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. People taking Warfarin should not use glucosamine, as this can affect blood clotting. It can also reduce the effectiveness of some cancer drugs, say the researchers. And in addition, it can call, like any other dietary Supplement or medication, for some people unexpected side effects.

Further research is needed

Many other supplements have been shown in other studies, no real Benefit, even if the observation data suggest that the intake could lead to health benefits. Some dietary supplements had studies have even shown to have a harmful effect. If, however, a well-known and widely used preparations such as glucosamine help the heart and circulation to prevent disease, including heart attack and stroke, it is worthwhile to conduct further research in this area. A natural way to reduce the risk of a healthy life style and, where appropriate, medicines that are prescribed by their doctors. (as)