Diet: Daily weigh-in makes it easy to Remove

How does the daily rate on the balance on our weight?

Many people in today’s time have problems with your weight, which means that you will rise so much on the scale. Researchers found that daily weigh in can help people lose weight easier to weight.

In a recent study by the University of Georgia, it was found that people who on a daily basis self-weighed were able to hold either your weight or even reduce. The results of the study will be published in June in the English-language journal “Obesity”.

How does the daily weigh-in on our weight? (Image: Win Nondakowit/

Daily people to be motivated to weigh-in at weight acceptance

If people are daily reminded of their weight, encouraging them to change their behavior and to work at a weight loss. For example, this may cause you to do more sports, or more precisely pay attention to what you actually eat throughout the day, report the researchers from the study results. If participating not every day waves, were you in the investigation, in fact, rather. The research team suspected that the not serious people do not feel the pressure, their behavior does not adapt, because they perceive your weight gain. For the study, 111 adults between the ages of 18 and 65 years were examined. Participants were monitored from mid-November 2017 until the beginning of January 2018 medical.

Participants should keep your weight over the holiday season

After the Participants in the intervention group had calculated your base weight, you should try to hold this weight over the holidays and in the holidays. To do this, you had to weigh yourself on a regular basis. However, it gave the researchers no additional instructions as to how this objective can be achieved. The Participants in the control group received no instructions.

Why the weigh-in for losing weight leads

“People are very sensitive to discrepancies or differences between your current Self and your Standard or Ziel“, the author of the Study Professor Michelle vanDellen University of Georgia in a press release stated. If Concerned to recognize such a discrepancy, this tends to changes in behaviour. The daily rate on the scale allows you to Detect the discrepancy on a really clear way, adds the expert. The daily weigh-in was already working in previous research proven to be effective to prevent an increase in weight. The current investigation should, however, clarify how the daily rate on the scale during the holidays and festival days of the impact, a time in which we take normally way too much food and weight.

Further research is needed

Overeating during the holiday is likely to lead to a small increase in weight, which adds up with time and lead to being Overweight can. On vacation and during the holidays people are most vulnerable to weight gain in a very short period of time, say the authors of the study. The holidays can actually have a huge impact on the long-term health of a human being. Further research must now determine whether the daily carried out independently of the driving force behind the changes in behaviour which lead to weight maintenance weigh-in. Because of the fact that the Participants knew that the researchers would have access to their daily weight data, could have contributed to a change in behavior. (as)