Despite the diet, the pounds does not tumble easily? These six things could be to blame – Video

You avoid sugar and fat, exercise a lot and fast regularly, but the pounds don’t fall easy? Many well-intentioned weight-loss tips have the opposite effect. FOCUS Online gives six reasons why you lose weight, despite diet.

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1. You are fasting.

Fasting is a popular way to lose a few pounds. However, the success of a diet is of short duration, if you eat as usual after that or even to reward for the abstinence even more plastering. Who wants to permanently lose weight, should change his diet permanently.

2. Replace sugar with sweetener.

To lose weight, avoid sugar? Not a bad idea. But anyone who resorts instead to the sweetener, don’t be surprised if the weight stagnates. The American Cancer Society found in a study with approximately 80,000 women: Among the women, which had increased in the course of the last year, were mainly sweetener-Eaters.

3. You put on a lot of sports.

The more sports you drive, the better for the figure? This assumption have researchers from the City University of New York. Our body gets used to physical stress. From a certain point of calories consumption no longer increases in a linear fashion to sporting activity. In the Test, the most athletic subjects consumed per day, the same amount of calories as those who trained moderately.

4. They eat very little.

You forego Breakfast and treat yourself to a Bite to eat for lunch? This is not a good strategy. The body gets little food, he’s on the back burner. He adjusts the metabolism and consumed for the same performance less power – so less calories.

5. You waive any and fat.

To greasy meat, you make a big bow, a mountain ends up noodles on your plate? If you want to reduce calories, you should be consistent and both fat as well as other energy suppliers such as carbohydrates reduce.

6. Do you swear on diet pills.

On the Internet countless drugs that help you lose weight circulating. Whether or not the pills and Shakes work really. Who can create, however, is merciless and hopes that the diet pill will fix everything, will not be with the display on the scale. Best offer on