Blame the E-cigarette is: Adam is 18, but has the lungs of a 70-Year-old

Adam Hergenreder is 18 years old. However, his lung is already being attacked as that of a 70-Year-old. The claims, at least his mother, the images of her son from his hospital bed posted. The youth is one of 450 patients, whose complaints are brought with the use of E-cigarettes in conjunction.

"This is a photo of my 18-year-old Sohnes", Polly Tufo Hergenreder writes on Facebook. "With the lungs of a 70-Year-old."

The steamers of the popular E-cigarette "Juul" it’s called the "Teufel" and calls to share your Post and the pictures of her son so that other young people have stopped to consume E-cigarettes and the potentially dangerous consequences were spared.

450 recorded cases of the disease in the United States

The young American is one of 450 patients in more than 30 States, in which health complaints are attributed to the consumption of E-cigarettes. Six patients have died, according to the authorities, at it already.

The symptoms of lung disease, which is associated for some time with the Vaping of E-cigarettes, range from difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath and chest pain to cases of gastro-intestinal disorders with vomiting and diarrhea.

Many of the people involved had so-called Liquids – liquids that are evaporated with the psychoactive Cannabis ingredient THC consumed, it was said of the American authorities. What triggers the Symptoms, in addition to doctors so far disagree.

Vitamin-E-acetate could be to blame

The "Washington Post" had reported last week, from a first track to a potentially responsible substance. These come in different brands and in several of the Liquids. It was a so-called Vitamin-E-acetate, which had found the investigators in samples of cannabis products, which had smoked the Diseased previously. However, it is not known whether Vaping have been triggered, or by Liquids, the Vapor liquids used,.

Affected patients reported from different Liquids, you use: Some of which contained nicotine, or marijuana, and others were mixed together. What is the Liquid Adam Hergenreder has consumed, from the Post of his mother is not clear.

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