Amazon Could Open Its Own Grocery Store by the End of the Year

With other stores like Amazon Go and the acquisition of Whole Foods, it may come as no surprise Amazon wants to further dip its toes into the grocery store industry. And that’s exactly what was reported a few days ago by the Wall Street Journal: Amazon’s rumored plan to open dozens of grocery stores in several major U.S. cities.

This news comes on the heels of Amazon spreading the word about its new Amazon Day program, wherein Prime members can choose the most convenient day of the week to receive all their placed orders as a means of convenience and a way to help reduce waste. Plus, the online retailer announced earlier in February the launch of its very own, exclusive makeup brand called Find; and, unsurprisingly, every product in the collection falls under $20.

According to reports, sources told WSJ that not only did Amazon already sign three leases for supermarkets, but the online retailer’s first grocery store could also open in Los Angeles as early as the end of this year. Other reported cities include San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

WSJ also reports that Amazon could acquire existing grocery stores — and, honestly, we’d expect nothing less than a total grocery store domination from the retailer.

But what would the grocery stores entail? Will the prices match what’s found on Amazon’s website? Or will they be even cheaper?

Details are obviously sparse, but Business Insider reports that the new stores will reportedly be smaller than traditional grocery stores — planned to be around 35,000 square feet — but will carry a larger variety of food, compared to Whole Foods.

A smaller grocery store with more options and possibly slashed prices? We can get down with this.

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates; we’ll keep you updated as more reports surface.

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