Always Tired? The liver could be sick!

Fatigue and lack of concentration after the holidays: signs of liver disease

The Easter holidays are coming up. Anyone who travels in the distance, you can also bring serious disease with home. If you feel unusually tired and listless, you should consult a doctor. Liver disease can be cause. Lack of concentration and lack of drive are symptoms for Hepatitis A.

After the holiday tired and exhausted

Actually, a vacation should make you happy and healthy, but some of the returnees feel after the holidays inexplicably tired and fatigued. Anyone who has such symptoms and in warm climates such as the Mediterranean sea stopped, should have his liver checked out. This also applies in the case of lack of concentration and lack of drive. Because this can be signs of a liver disease such as Hepatitis A. The professional Association has pointed out to practicing gastroenterologists in a message.

Over half of the infections are travel Souvenirs

“Hepatitis A is one of the frequent unwanted Souvenirs,” said the liver expert Dr. Karl-Georg Simon from the professional Association of established gastro-intestinal Doctors. According to the figures, more than half of all infections with the Hepatitis A Virus in Germany, Souvenirs.

The pathogens are transferred among other things by drinking contaminated water or inadequately prepared foods. Many patients often know nothing of their inflammation of the liver.

The liver does not hurt

According to the experts, the liver doesn’t hurt. The resulting complaints are often nonspecific. A simple Checking of the liver values within the framework of a Routine check by the doctor can quickly gain clarity. In healthy people, the disease will heal normally after a while. However, for the elderly, the weak at heart or by comorbidities impacted people the infection can also be at risk for the health. To detect Hepatitis in a timely manner can, therefore, be in the exception case, even a life-saver. Dr. Simon suggests that people in warmer countries on holiday, to get vaccinated. (ad)