Alarm at toll of patients dying within a month hip surgery

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Recovery varied “enormously” between 172 NHS hospitals in England and Wales, a University of Bristol team discovered.

In some, one in 10 hip fracture patients died within a month of their break, while in others the figure was less than half that.

Hip fracture patients stayed an average of 12 days in some hospitals, while in others it was more than a month.

The readmission rate was as low as four per 100 patients in some places – in others it was 30.

Researchers said that 890 readmissions might be avoided per year if hospitals understood delays between discharge and the start of community therapy.

Deborah Alsina, of Versus Arthritis, said: “Quality of care for people with hip fractures is a key indicator of whether we’re getting older people’s care right in general. This research suggests we are not.”

More than 70,000 older people are admitted to hospital every year after a hip fracture.

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