13 children taken ill! Health hazard: manufacturer recalls cheese in Europe

Affected are the following products:

  • Saint Marcellin
  • Saint Felicien
  • Brands: Xavier David, Tradition du Bon Fromage, Alpine

Batches: L032 until L116

Date of minimum durability: 8. March to 31. May 2019

Identification mark: FR 26.281.001 CE

Were shop sells the cheese Made both at the counter and in the self-service. The manufacturer advises against because of a possible contamination with E. coli bacteria strongly from the consumption. Affected products can be returned in the shopping sites. Anyone who has purchased the cheese may be at the bar, should for safety’s sake, ask.

In Germany, the contaminated cheese in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Hamburg, Hesse, lower Saxony, North Rhine-was sold Westphalia and Saxony.

13 children in France ill

E. Coli bacteria can lead within a few days (2-7), some of fever, gastro-intestinal disorders. Also bleeding are possible, especially in children with severe kidney complications, warns the manufacturer.

The French Ministry of agriculture according to the "t. online" known in France for 13 children, the disease of the blood vessels (haemolytic-uraemic syndrome).

Investigations revealed that several children had consumed the recalled cheese. The diseases occurred by the end of March in several regions of the country.

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