Wiz Khalifa Opens Up About Fatherhood in New Apple Music Docu-Series

Wiz Khalifa is opening up about how fatherhood changed his life.

The rapper is set to star in a new five-part Apple Music docu-series, Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam, in which he — as well as close family and friends — will talk about his rise to fame.

PEOPLE has an exclusive teaser from the fifth episode, “Family First.” In the clip, Khalifa (real name: Cameron Thomaz) talks about raising his 6-year-old son Sebastian (aka Bash) with ex Amber Rose.

“Bash is a huge part of that transition — and not being with his mother, too, because it forced me to be more responsible and do the things I wouldn’t normally do,” Khalifa said of growing up when he became a parent. “The older that he gets, the more influence I have on him. So it’s not as much as just makin’ sure he’s good; it’s actually being there.”

In the video, Khalifa’s father, Laurence Thomaz, confirms the rapper has changed since welcoming Bash.

“Sebastian’s matured him, but it’s made him more serious and understand: ‘I have to be here; I can’t do the dangerous, reckless things I was doing before: I have this little guy to look out for,’” Thomaz said.

The five-part docu-series Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam will be available for streaming on the platform April 17.

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