Only vegetables Steak, then? As the food sequence in the blood sugar level controls

Who keeps his blood sugar levels through a healthy diet in Balance, prevents Obesity and type 2 Diabetes. A role is also played by the order in which we eat food. A study shows the ideal sequence.

Scientists from the USA, were dedicated in a new study of the question of whether the order of the nutrients might play in a meal of a role for the course of the blood glucose level and for insulin release.

Previous studies have suggested already that it could be used in patients with type 2 Diabetes may have an impact.

Structure of the study

Such as the German health portal reported, 15 subjects with pre-diabetes over a period of three days, the same meals. In each case, the order of the components of the meal has changed.

First, the participants in the study of carbohydrates, ten minutes later, vegetables and proteins consumed. In the second arrangement, the meal started with vegetables and proteins, ten minutes later, the participants ate the carbs.

And in the third experiment, the subjects began with the vegetables, the proteins and the carbohydrates, followed.

The Result

The researchers are given after meals, the blood sugar and insulin levels of study participants.

Quickly, they discovered that the blood sugar level rise is significantly lower when the people started the meals with vegetables and Protein, respectively, only with vegetables instead of carbohydrates.

This positive effect lasted even three hours after meals. The order also had an influence on the insulin secretion.

The increase was lower when the subjects had not begun their meals with carbohydrates. A meal began, however, with carbohydrates, fluctuated blood sugar levels.

A simple way to influence the level of blood sugar

The researchers came to the conclusion that the rise in blood sugar levels could be positively influenced if you follow the ingestion of the meals in a certain order.

A meal with vegetables and Protein or just vegetables instead of carbohydrates is started, can be expected to cheap effects – a simple way to affect the blood sugar level positively.

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