Anne Hathaway: Choosing to Stay Alcohol-Free Before My Son Is 18 'Isn't a Moralistic Stance'

Anne Hathaway is setting the record straight about her no-alcohol rule.

In a new cover interview for Modern Luxury, the 36-year-old actress and mother of one opened up about comments she made on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in January, where she said she was going to refrain from drinking while her son Jonathan Rosebanks, 3, “is living in my house.”

The decision, she says now, is a logistical one completely based on how she feels after she drinks, Hathaway told the magazine, as opposed to a “moralistic” choice — and certainly not one she’s projecting onto anyone else.

“I didn’t put [a drink] down because my drinking was a problem; I put it down because the way I drink leads me to have hangovers and those were the problem,” said The Hustle star. “My last hangover lasted for five days. When I’m at a stage in my life where there is enough space for me to have a hangover, I’ll start drinking again, but that won’t be until my kid is out of the house.”

“But, I just want to make this clear: Most people don’t have to do such an extreme thing,” Hathaway clarified. “I don’t think drinking is bad. It’s just the way I do it — which I personally think is really fun and awesome — is just not the kind of fun and awesome that goes with having a child for me. But this isn’t a moralistic stance.”

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In her January interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Hathaway admitted she doesn’t “totally love the way” she drinks, explaining that Jonathan was “getting to an age where he really does need me all the time, in the mornings.”

“I did one school run one day where I dropped him off at school — I wasn’t driving, but I was hungover,” the Oscar winner recalled. “That was enough for me. I didn’t love that [experience].”

“Another reason I don’t want kids,” joked DeGeneres, 61. “I’m not quittin’ drinking!”

Hathaway spoke to PEOPLE in January about the challenges of balancing work and motherhood, especially “when you play characters that are isolated.”

“I just did one this summer. My God, she was such an island, and it’s a little harder because I’d be holding [Jonathan], but I felt like I wasn’t really giving it to him,” she said.

And although it can be easy as a mother to criticize yourself regarding your availability for your children, Hathaway explained, “I try to be nice to myself.”

“I’m not big on mommy guilt. I just don’t really do it unless I really, really, really, really, really need to,” she added.

The Hustle opens nationwide May 10.

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