Understanding the Diversity of Skin Cancers

28/06/2023 0

Introduction MelanomasBasal cell carcinomaSquamous cell carcinomaDifferences in skin cancer diagnosis by race and ethnicityThe cellular origin of skin cancerGenetic differences in skin cancerReferencesFurther reading  Introduction Skin […]

What Role do Biobanks Play in Cancer Research?

24/03/2023 0

IntroductionHistory and Evolution of BiobankingBiobanks and Cancer ResearchReferences and Further Reading A biobank facilitates the collection, storage, and study of human biological specimens or 'biomaterials.' […]

What Is Recovery-Focused Care?

22/08/2022 0

The principles of recovery-oriented mental health practice The benefits of recovery-focused careReferences Further reading  Most people living with a mental illness are only hospitalized after becoming acutely […]

What is Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia?

11/07/2022 0

Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), a chronic lung disease affecting premature infants, was first described in 1967 by Northway and two other researchers. Over the years, the […]

What are the Advantages of Open-Access Research?

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IntroductionTraditional publishingOpen-access research & self-publishingLimitations of open access researchReferencesFurther reading Open access (OA) research refers to a less traditional form of publishing. This involves publishing […]

What is Ollier Disease?

16/06/2022 0

IntroductionCauses and symptomsEpidemiologyOllier disease and Maffucci syndromeCase reportsDiagnosis and treatmentReferencesFurther reading Ollier disease (OD) is a rare, nonhereditary benign bone disease. Multiple enchondromatosis with a […]

Perfectionism and Depression

31/01/2022 0

Specific dispositional characteristics are thought to predispose individuals to depression. One such predisposing factor is maladaptive perfectionism. Perfectionism is defined as setting excessively high standards […]