The Bible Of Diet Planning – Introduction

22/07/2020 0

Diеt рlаn Introduction Diеt рlаns are bаѕеd оn a bаlаnсеd intаkе оf fats, рrоtеinѕ аnd саrbоhуdrаtеѕ in diffеrеnt саlоriе соunts. Frее diеt рlаns ѕtimulаtе your […]

Beauty Goes Digital in Singapore

10/02/2020 0

SINGAPORE — Last year saw the demise of more high-street brands here as traditional brick-and-mortar retailers struggle in the changing consumer climate. One major Singaporean retail […]

Lion Capital Invests in Hatchbeauty

02/04/2019 0

Hatchbeauty cofounder Ben Bennett has resigned and sold his stake in the company to British private equity firm Lion Capital, WWD has learned. Bennett, Hatchbeauty […]