Gastro-resistant tablets meal break need

Preparations, which dissolve not in the stomach but in the small intestine, experts call enteric medicines. So that you can work properly, it is advisable that patients between the meals to comply with long enough breaks.

"Each Snack between meals prevents the complete emptying of the stomach – and thus that big of a gastric juice-resistant can leave duck medicines, the stomach, the active substance dissolves in the small intestine and into the blood kann&quot be included;, Prof. Dr Rolf Daniels says. He teaches Pharmaceutical technology at the University of Tübingen and is a member of the drug Commission of the German pharmacists (AMK).

"If a Patient, for example, several times a day a gastric juice-resistant drugs with the analgesic drug Diclofenac-ends and throughout the day little things now and again to eat, then these medicines leave the stomach only at night. Consequently, the Diclofenac does not help during the day for pain. Some patients take more from such a drug as is therapeutically advisable." The pharmacist recommends, therefore, to the Sober ingestion of gastric juice resistant drugs a break as one or two hours.

By a special Coating of the tablets or capsules may be resistant against gastric juice. Used this is used, for example, in the case of medicine, the acidic gastric juice to be decomposed or to cause the gastric side effects. In contrast to many other medicinal products, large gastric juice-resistant can duck medicines the stomach exit only through the natural "Putzwellen" overcome. These take place only in the fasted state, that means up to four hours after the last intake of calories in foods. Cleaning waves are sometimes growl as the Stomach with an audible click.

Daniels: "It’s not enough, gastro-resistant drug one hour after eating or in the morning immediately before Breakfast. ‚Nüchtern‘ means a pharmaceutically-several hours after the last meal." How long a meal stays in the stomach depends on the fat content.


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