Bekah Martinez Claps Back Over Criticism for Saying 'Having a Baby Sucks': 'Parenting Is Hard'

Bekah Martinez experienced some criticism after commenting about how some days motherhood is a joy, while sometimes it can be incredibly difficult.

The former Bachelor contestant, 24, posted a trio of adorable photos of her 4-month-old baby girl Ruth Ray De La Luz on Thursday, sharing that it was moments like this that made being a mom worthwhile.

“Sometimes having a baby sucks,” she wrote candidly, joking, “Then they look like this and you’re like ‘Okay, fine. I’ll keep you.’ “

As the negative comments criticizing Martinez for her choice of words came rolling in, the former reality star clapped back, explaining that she never meant to imply that having a daughter of her own “sucks” but that she only wanted to be open about her own struggles with being a parent.

In response to one commenter who wrote that they would never say “it sucks” to have a “healthy baby,” Martinez replied that the criticism against her “isn’t fair” and that she was “not saying having a healthy baby sucks.”

“I’m saying parenting is hard sometimes. It’s not being ungrateful for a healthy child, it’s being human and struggling and being transparent about that,” she said, adding in another comment that she never said her own daughter “sucks” but rather, “She’s awesome.”

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Responding to another negative comment, Martinez made it clear that she wasn’t backing down about her opinions, no matter what some mommy shamers say. “Agree to disagree lol and it’s okay to feel like it sucks,” she wrote.

While some took offense to Martinez’s post, many praised the star for being so candid about the ups and downs of motherhood.

“All the holier than thou comments on here are why so many mothers feel isolated,” wrote one fan. “Don’t shame people for being honest about the lows that come with parenting. If you can’t relate to someone’s experience and you’re incapable of empathy, keep scrolling.”

Agreeing with the sentiment, Martinez replied, “WORD. like, it never sucked for you? Cool, glad you’re a better mother than me or whatever.”

In response to another supporter, the new mama added that people shouldn’t “tell other people” how to experience being a parent. “If it never sucks/sucked for you, more power to ya but don’t tell other people it doesn’t/shouldn’t suck!! Lol,” she wrote.

This hasn’t been Martinez’s first brush with mom-shaming comments since welcoming her first child with boyfriend  Grayston Leonard on Feb. 2.

In April, she shared a photo of herself captioned, “Sunset vibes from this weekend” that showed her nursing her daughter while holding a glass of white wine in her other hand.

“I was waiting patiently for her to finish nursing before beginning my (single!) glass of wine,” Martinez wrote, preemptively addressing any shaming comments.

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Just one month after welcoming her daughter, Martinez showed off her post-baby figure as she encouraged moms to embrace their bodies, no matter what anybody online has to say.

“Every mom bod is different,” she wrote alongside a photo in which the former reality star showed off her stomach, as well as her hairy armpits and legs.

“Some are thin and some are round, some are wrinkly and some are hairy, some are light and some are brown,” she continued, adding that “No one’s body is ‘🤢.’ “

In one final comment directed toward any mommy shamers out there in the social-media world, she added, “If you think otherwise, kindly f— off or unfollow.”

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